Best choice to stroll through Taichung. Multiple options for lodging with characteristics.

  • Original inhabitants’totems

    Original inhabitants’totems


    These cultures originate only from Taiwan, full of colorful, fun and vivid life style, presenting high cultural originality with abundant varieties.

  • Hakka printed cloth

    Hakka printed cloth


    Traditional Hakka style printed cloth sends forth nostalgic feelings.  Please savor our artistic space design, and get in touch with the original passion & beauty that the Hakka printed cloth radiates.  Take your time to appreciate the fusion of modern and classical Taiwan.

  • Paper-cutting art

    Paper-cutting art

    paper-cut art

    Paper-cutting art

    paper-cut art

    A traditional art to celebrate a fruitful year, and pray for luck, everything good-and-well & longevity.  Aeris tries to integrate classical arts into modern living style, presenting neat, comfortable modern life ideas as well as beauty appreciating fun to all our prestige guests.

  • Blue-dye cultural heritage techniques

    Blue-dye cultural heritage techniques

    blue-dye technique

    The techniques are similar to Chinese ink wash painting, creating the unoccupied atmosphere.  A quaint and natural way to show the unique solemn charms from within.  Multiple aspects are shown by using traditional & renewed dying skills, allowing steadiness and elegance to reveal from one layer to another.

Best choice to stroll through Taichung. Multiple options for lodging with characteristics.


A truly comfortable and economic choice
for you to go on a business trip or leisure travel !

Let the sunshine visit your window with a view full of greens by the riverside.
We fill ourselves up with smiles, passion and anticipations for a wonderful vacation with you.

Aeris International Hotel adopts most professional, quality service team and upscale equipment, the best choice for guests from all over the world to travel around Taichung.
Located at an essential place in Taichung, Aeris International Hotel is neighbor to National Museum of Taiwan Literature and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Taichung Station, Bus Station, Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station are just minutes away.
With the convenient traffic, Aeris International Hotel offers our prestige guests casual traveling from one city to another.
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